Anti-cellulite program and weight loss

Maderotherapy is an ancestral massage technique that originated in Colombia. Although this magical massaging technique has been around for centuries, it came into the limelight around 90’. The Spanish word Madero derives from the meaning “Wood” which explains its alternative names including Wooden Treatment or Body Sculpting Treatment

This process consists of massaging the body with anatomically designed wooden tools. The goal is to improve lymphatic circulation. In other words, Maderotherapy can drastically enhance one’s body size and proportions while improving overall health.

How does it work?

Needless to say, the majority of women suffer from cellulite and are looking for answers to dwindle the appearance of them. Massaging such areas with oil is known to be an effective solution for this problem.

Speaking of which, these carefully crafted wooden instruments can apply pressure to problem areas including thighs, love handles, buttocks, and abdomen. As a result, the fat deposits and fibrous cellulite breakdown and are flushed out with the other toxins.
Maderotherapy is primarily based on repetitive movements that are performed with wooden instruments. Whether you opt for Maison Privee or other high-quality men, women home massage services, chances are they are going to use many instruments to manipulate targeted muscles, fat, and cellulite.
When the lymphatic drainage system is properly stimulated, unnecessary water, fat, and other toxins leave your body accommodating your body to sculpt itself in a different yet healthy way.

Why is Maderotherapy special?

Maderotherapy can be considered as one of the most unmatched treatments that you can receive from any high-end women/men home massage services. The reason is, unlike its counterparts including laser, ultrasound cellulite removal, or liposuction, Maderotherapy works at a greater pace to stimulate the elastin and collagen production of your body. Consequently, Maderotherapy is able to eliminate cellulite at its roots.
Due to the 100% natural, non-invasive, and no contraindication nature of Maderotherapy, anyone who desires to go the extra mile to initiate their mental and physical betterment can choose it without having second thoughts.
How long should you do Maderotherapy?

If you’re thinking of getting Maderotherapy from a women/men home massage service, you should be aware that this is certainly not a one-time treatment.

Pre-eminent results take time and Maderotherapy takes at least a series of 10,15 to 20 treatments to give you expected end results. So, don’t fall for scams that swear on getting rid of your cellulite in one day. Instead, choose a renowned and professional salon such as Maison Privee or any other spa that you can count on.

Benefits of Maderotherapy

Maderotherapy offered in men, women home massage services stimulates microcirculation and blood flow while eliminating cellulite and fat.

Dwindles fat around legs, hips, arms, stomach, etc., and lifts and firms buttocks.

Jumpstarts metabolism to promote fat burning, and tightens and tones your skin.

Relaxes your mind and body which controls stress levels and provides you with quality sleep and confidence

Due to the activation of the lymphatic system, Maderotherapy removes excess water, fat, and puts a stop to water retention.

An ideal post-operative lymphatic treatment for people who have undergone liposuction or BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) procedures.

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