Recovery Pants

Anti-cellulite program and weight loss
Recovery Pants

· Recovery – removal of distortions and fixations
· Tenalgia – "tennis elbow", "jumper's knee", etc.
· Regeneration – improvement of lactic acid metabolism
· Cellulite
· Prevention of varicose veins
· Lipoedema – an abnormal accumulation of fat cells that usually appears in the lower extremities, most often in women
· Heavy legs syndrome
· Detoxification
· Improvement of skin nutrition
· Post-liposuction care


· Acute neuropathy and plexopathy
· Acute pulmonary oedema
· Acute soft tissue trauma
· Acute thrombophlebitis – acute inflammation of superficial veins with the appearance of a thrombus
· Uncompensated cardiovascular diseases
· Epilepsy
· Erysipelas
· A state of fever
· Glaucoma 
· Liver or kidney failure
· Infectious diseases
· Diagnosed or potential deep vein thrombosis
· Lymphangitis - inflammation of the lymphatic channels, if it’s superficially inflammation it manifests as redness in the form of a band that follows the flow of lymphatic vessels and the affected surface is painful to the touch
· Occlusive processes of lymphatic channels
· Osteosynthesis or replacement of a part of the lymphatic system
· Pacemaker
· Undefined pain in the abdominal region
· Pathological pregnancy
· Tumor diseases

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