Ultrasonic skin spatula

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Ultrasonic skin spatula

Ultrasonic facial cleansing is a mechanical apparatus procedure that removes the surface layer of dead skin cells in a very gentle, non-irritating manner. The 28 kHz frequency of the ultra-sound spatula turns the water into steam and with strong ultrasonic vibration removes sebum, residual makeup and comedones from the pores. The skin treated in this way is ready for the treatment of mesoporation. Since both oily and acneous skin respond very well to this treatment, it is also recommended for problematic skin.

Who is the ultrasonic spatula treatment for?

The treatment is recommended for all ages and is the first step of all procedures (anti-age, scar removal, chemical peeling, dermapen).

ULTRASONIC INDICATIONS: oily skin, skin prone to irregularities, acneous skin, enlarged pores, radiance loss, dry skin

THE TREATMENT IS NOT RECOMMENDED DURING: pregnancy, pace maker and malignancies, application of Roaccutane therapy, various injuries of facial skin, when using fillers. The treatment can be performed 12 months after the end of the therapy, 3 months after the application of fillers.


During and after the procedure, the skin may be slightly red, though the redness recedes very quickly (up to 12 hours). After the treatment, for the next 12 hours, makeup, sauna, training, swimming pool, solarium is not recommended…

ULTRASONIC TREATMENT BENEFITS: Intensive skin cleansing without steaming and aggressive pressure, short recovery period after the treatment (up to 12 hours), the moment of skin renewal in deeper layers gives the skin fresh, youthful glow, pores are minimised, skin texture is improved, skin tone is evened, collagen and elastin production are boosted; it can be used on the face, neck, back, neckline; it is suitable for all skin types and equally effective.

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