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Mesoporation, Non-invasive mesotherapy (needle-free mesotherapy) is based on the phenomenon of Electroporation, and scientifically proven by Dr. Peter Agree and Dr. Roderick Mac Kinnon, hence winning the Nobel Prize in 2003. The treatment accelerates and improves the metabolism and blood flow of the skin and connective tissue, improves lymphatic drainage, promotes regeneration and strengthens the protective functions of skin and connective tissue.

Mesoporation aims at restructuring and stimulating the natural regenerative and reparative processes of skin and connective tissue, resulting in a fresh and healthy appearance. These are the methods that have the same goal: injecting large molecules into the skin (which, if only rubbed into the skin, would not pass the epidermal barrier and thus would not have the desired effect), with the mesococktail-filled syringe being used for classical mesotherapy and needle, while in the non-invasive, so-called virtual mesotherapy, syringe and needle are replaced by a probe and currents.

The advantage of mesoporation over needle mesotherapy is that it is absolutely painless and leaves no unwanted marks on the skin after the treatment, so it does not have to be specifically planned, but can be performed at any time during the work week or weekend. Also, it is listed as one of the treatments that are desirable to be performed before an important event because the face simply glows after the treatment! The treatment lasts up to 60 min.

NEEDLE-FREE MESOTHERAPY IS RECOMMENDED FOR: hydration and fresh appearance, rapid recovery of the skin after chemical peels and laser treatments, elimination of the effects of excessive exposure to the UV radiation (sun, solarium), air pollution, smoking, stress and unhealthy lifestyle, inadequate skin care, in case of inadequate treatment of wrinkles and dark circles, it improves skin tone.


Experience so far has shown that the best results are obtained when treatments are performed in a series of 4-6 treatments, at 7-day intervals. The treatment can also be performed on a one-time basis, with the aim of achieving rapid rehydration and refreshing of the face before an important event or as a treatment of continuous care once a month! Note: when using fillers, the treatment can be performed 3 months after their application.

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