Purifying hygienic treatment

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Purifying hygienic treatment
What is Purifying hygienic treatment

Skin is the human body’s largest organ and it is a natural barrier against external influences. Due to the exposure to polluted air, ultraviolet radiation, tobacco smoke and daily makeup, its structure is damaged, pores are filled, skin loses its freshness and becomes tired-looking.
A treatment that effectively helps us nourish the skin and preserve its protective functions is a facial hygiene treatment. The facial hygiene treatment is a basic facial care treatment and can be used in all skin types and conditions for deep pore cleansing. Also, after the application of this treatment, a deeper penetration of active substances into the skin is enabled, as well as their better utilisation within other cosmetic procedures or home care.

What is purifying hygienic treatment ?

Purifying hygienic treatment always begins with a so-called chemical cleaning that involves removing of makeup, cream and traces of other skin products by using milk and tonics, and then using a scrub that is suitable for the client’s skin type and condition. Exfoliation is used to remove the surface layers of dead skin cells.

We then move on to opening the pores that can be performed by incorporating, thermal mask or cosmetic products to help clean the blackheads. After that, pore cleansing is performed, i.e. comedo-expression. Classic facial treatment may also include facial massage. After having the pores clensed, our goal is to soothe and moisturize the skin with a mask that matches the skin type and condition, and the treatment ends with a cream that is also suitable for the skin type and condition.

When and how often is Purifying hygienic treatment performed?

Facial hygiene treatment can be carried out independently and is an ideal preparation for other treatments, because only if the pores are clear and the skin properly prepared, they can receive and make the most of the active substances, and the effects of future treatments are better.

What are the results of the treatment?



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